I've been making recorders for over 20 years. I learned this job with my father, himself recorder maker since 1975.


      I make Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque recorders after originals. They are perfect for professional musicians, but also for amateurs who want to play good quality instruments.


      The woods I use are all from Europe. They have been chosen especially for their acoustic and aesthetic qualities.


      They are boxwood, plum wood, olive wood, red dogwood, almond, etc.







    I took my first steps into the world of the one-hand pipe while living in the Pyrenees for several years.


    There are so many different one-hand pipes, my instruments list increases every day. Thanks to orders for custom-made instruments and because I am curious by nature I now offer, for example, the rociero tabor-pipes from Andalusia, the English tabor-pipes, Middle-Age and Renaissance tabor-pipes, the French galoubets (tabor-pipes from Provence), the Catalan Flabiol, the Pastoral flute from Zamora, ...