Historic tabor pipes

renaissance tabor pipes

renaissance tabor pipe benabarre

Renaissance tabor pipe after a painting from García de Benabarre (Spain, 15th C.)


G  pipe (TT½), with subtonic, major fingering, ground tone G : 420 €

F pipe (T½T), with subtonic, minor fingering, ground tone G : 420 €

Other tonalities available in request.


medieval tabor pipes

“Alfonso X El Sabio” (XIIIe) model

After the Alfonso X El Sabio's iconography (XIIIe)

D pipe, T-T-1/2T (major fingering)                               210 €

C pipe, T-T-1/2T (major fingering)                               220 €

C pipe, T-1/2T-T (minor fingering, fundamental tone D)    210 €

Bb pipe, T-1/2T-T (minor fingering, fundamental tone C)   220 €


dordrecht model

 The Dordrecht model is made after ancient instruments found in the Low lands (Netherlands, Belgium) at the 15th century.     


D pipe, major fingering         210 €                                         

C pipe, major fingering         230 €                                       

Bb pipe, major fingering        240 €                                              

A pipe, major fingering          270 €                                              

G pipe, major fingering         280 €                                             

F pipe, major fingering          320 €                                        

D pipe, major fingering          355 €



D pipe, minor fingering          210 €                     

C pipe, minor fingering          230 €            

Bb pipe, minor fingering         240 €          

A pipe, minor fingering           270 €    

G pipe, minor fingering          280 €      

F pipe, minor fingering           300 €  

Low D pipe, minor fingering    355 €